Product Overview

This is a patented design Anti-Viral/bacterial Filters with FOLDING to fit into eGee-Pro Translucent Mask.This type of filters offers EASIER BREATHING with LOWER BREATHING RESISTANCE hence GREAT COMFORT for PROLONGED WEARING.

eGee-Pro® Refill Filter is tested by Accredited 3rd Party International Test Body and attained Compliance to numerous International Regulatory Standards. Its antibacterial filtering performance has been tested to comply with European EN14683:2019 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of > 99% and US ASTM F2100 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE) of > 99%. These test standards are EQUIVALENT to typical disposable N95 Mask Specification.

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eGeePro® Mask Key Features


Translucent face cover allows facial expression visible to the other parties in vicinity to allow effective communication.


Typical N95 masks dampen voice level causing unclear hearing due to fine filtering fiber obstruction to sound. Electronic SPEAKER amplfies speech to a suitable level adjustable to suit user's situation. Appropariate voice volume/level prevents mis-communication during face-to-face interactions. User's breath data can be monitored by eGeePro Intelligent App to track breath condition.

MULTI-COLOR LED LIGHTS (BRIGTHEN Face area during night time)

Shining colorful lights on inner cavity and face enables facial expression seen during night time. Flickering lights can be set by eGeePro app to roll various color of light visible on the mask attracted attention to person in vicinity.

MEDICAL-GRADE (N95) Antiviral-bacterial REFILL Filters

SUPER-FINE mesh of <0.3 micrometer designed filtering materials tested by European EN14683:2019 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of > 70% and US ASTM F2100 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE) of > 70%.


The fact that the external plastic protective mask cover is WATERPROOF and washable to be cleaned/sanitized for REUSABLE makes the mask is used INDOOR & OUTDOOR and become more ECONOMICAL especially for heavy usage applications such as FACTORIES, OFFICES, SCHOOLS & OUTDOOR SITES.


Prolonged wearing of mask require COMFORT to users and particular important contact with face skin not to cause irritation. Plastic material is HIGH-QUALITY FOOD-GRADE and is approved by U.S Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA). The mask is SANITIZED before packing and sealed in factory with Medical-grade Class 8 Cleanroom before shipping.


A MAGNETIC BUCKLE is incorporated to EASE user putting up mask during wearing and taking off. The magnetic buckle ends tied to the rubber strings automatically seek to firmly lock into position. Just as EASY & SIMPLE as using ear-loop rubber strip mask.


TWIN one-directional air valves (User settable ON/OFF function) are incorporated to enable EASY BREATHING during EXHALING allowing air to freely exit from mask. HIGH-QUALITY FOOD-GRADE plastic and silicon-rubber materials are approved by U.S Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA).


  • INDOOR Factories, and OUTDOOR Construction Sites Workers, Security Guards
  • Offices employees, Shops Keepers and Personal Users
  • Governmental Departments & School Students etc.


  • Reusable CLOTH/COTTON/FABRIC masks usually its filtering quality degrades each time is WASHED & DRIED. The certainty on the quality of filtering diminishing every time the mask is washed. In contrast, eGeePro mask's FILTER can be CHANGED everyday with a BRAND NEW filter ENSURING CERTAINTY no degradation on QUALITY PERFORMANCE of the mask each day.
  • When wearing Surgical or Cloth Masks, its soft material tend to FALL TOUCHING outer NOSE SENSITIVE SKIN which often resulting ITCHINESS that further triggering fingers to SCRATCH the nose. These recurring touches would likely to result in any AIRBORNE DROPLETS on the surface of mask being SQUEEZED into the CENTER & INNER LAYER of the mask. If such droplets content GERMS, then these germs will increase the RISK to reach lungs when inhaled with each breathing-in.

    In contrast, eGeePro protective mask uses a HARD PLASTIC COVER whereby its inner surfaces do NOT touch the nose skin preventing itchiness or the need to stretch the nose thus mitigate the risk of airborne droplets being squeezed by fingers into inner filter layers.

  • Most one-time-use or reusable masks do NOT segregate nose and mouth areas. mixture of exhaling air from mouth trapped in both cavities of the mask generate unpleasant Odor (SMELL) obvious during cycles of re-inhaling. Patented eGeePro® Reusable Mask reduces droplets crossing from mouth to nose cavities within the mask thus minimizing UNPLEASANT ODOR found in commonly available Cloth/N95 masks especially with prolonged used.

eGeePro® Mask Structure

  • The noble design of patented eGeePro® Reusable Respiratory Face Mask encompassed a PARTITION between nose and mouth chambers segregating droplets generated from mouth to nose chamber whenever user speaks thus achieving good hygiene, strength/ruggedness and breathability comfort.
  • The 3-Ply Antiviral-bacterial Filter is easily placed in-between a cap to securely fixed to the plastic mask cover, ensuring inhaling air creating a suction pressure forcing the mask to nicely fit into face thus minimize air leakage into other unwanted area
  • SMALLER SIZE plastic PROTECTIVE cover of the mask is specifically designed to MINIMIZE the amount/volume of exhaling air trapped/recirculating in the mask chamber re-inhaled. So MORE FRESH filtered AIR is INHALED on each breathing-in cycles.
  • SHARP DOWN-SLOP CONTOUR design on upper-nose outer area of the plastic protective mask ensure EYES VISION is not obstructed preventing any downward BLIND SPOT when wearing the mask for any activities.

Product Properties & Performance

Tested by accredited International Test Bodies (TÜV SÜD) to comply with Respiratory and Surgical Mask Regulatory Standards:

These certification and test standards are EQUIVALENT to N95 Mask Specification.

For further details please refer to here.

Product Quality Certifications to MEDICAL DEVICE Regulatory Standards

  • Tested to comply with EN14683:2019 and ASTM F2100 Bacterial Filteration Efficiency (BFE)
  • Tested to comply with Respiratory Filtering Standard EN149:2001-A1:2009
  • Manufactured in Cleanroom facility certified to ISO Class 8 (100.000) for Medical Device
  • Face Mask Products are UV sterilized before packing

For further details please refer to here.

Product Quality Certifications to MEDICAL DEVICE Regulatory Standards

  • Soap/Detergent sanitizing (Option1)

  • Hot water sanitizing (OPTION 2)

  • UV light sanitizing (OPTION 3)

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities with Class 8 Cleanroom for Medical Devices:

  • Automatic Machine for N95-GRADE ANTI-VIRAL-BACTERIAL REFILL FILTER Production

    ANTIVIRAL/BACTERIAL REFILL FILTER is one of the most important component in eGee-Pro® Reusable Mask. Constructed by 3 ply NON-WOVEN Materials each has its functional purpose:

    1. OUTER BLUE PLY is meant for preventing external liquid such as water droplets, liquid or blood splash enter into center layer of the filter. It also blocks coarse particulates from passing through. It is is known as SPUN-BOND NON-WOVEN material. BLUE color is mainly used to indicate to user it is the outer layer.
    2. CENTER WHITE PLY filter blocks any airborne microorganism such as virus, bacteria and fungi) passing through mask during inhaling. The QUALITY of this filtering material is mostly determined by this CENTRE PLY. It is known as MELT-BLOWN NON-WOVEN material composed with 0.1 - 0.3 micrometer mesh-like structure. Too thick causes higher breathing resistance while too thin run the risk of failing to serve its intended function to filter out all microorganisms.
    3. INNER WHITE LAYER facing the internal mask cavity prevent droplets from mouth and nose to reach the center layer affecting the performance of center layer filter. It is is known as SPUN-BOND NON-WOVEN material.

    The 3-PLY non-woven material are precisely arranged to be ULTRASONICALLY WELDED to form an integral in-line filter roll to ease user handling.

    The roll of filters are further automatically measured and cut to precise length of individual filter.