CARREER OPPORTUNITIES: Singapore & Asia Pacific Region

JSB TECH is a knowledge based and technology focused company, providing great opportunities for individual to excel in their chosen job as well as potential personal career path development in various areas within the context of our global operation.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits to ambitious and talented individuals who have the passion and share similarity of our corporate values and culture to join our dynamic teams for growth. Bonuses are paid to each individual in accordance to the amount of contributions and also performances of the company. There are no predetermined levels for advancement in the company. Your demonstrated abilities, achievements and level of commitments determine your level of responsibility.


We are highly specialised and innovative, competing among the world best companies and emerge as top few players within global niche market segments that we focus on.

We have a vibrant, flat organizational structure consisting creative-minded people of different backgrounds and nationalities having strong commitments to excel. Many of our team members have the opportunity to involve in the selection process of choosing their newly incoming candidates during interviews and later working closely to realise the set objectives together.

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Our company creates, develops, designs and manufactures world-first, international award-winning, innovative new products and distributed all over the world. There are very rare companies who provide genuine R&D jobs developing radically-innovative new products from scratch in this part of the world. Our company owns patents and related intellectual properties in advanced as well as emerging countries such as USA, Japan, Germany, China etc.

Our team members also have the opportunity to interact with our company's entrepreneurial founder, who have been passionately guiding and coaching us in R&D, supply chain and global marketing activities.

Open Position:


Sales & Marketing Executives, Development Engineers and R&D Engineers would have opportunities and exposures to involve in our world-class award-winning new products and travel to major world-leading exhibitions and tradeshows in Germany, Japan, US, China etc.

Inspired engineers are empowered to involve in getting their designs and original concepts patented with their names included in the company's patent registration at IPOS, USPTO or WIPO. Thus building their own professional profile with genuine R&D exposure at JSB beyond merely gaining working experience alone.

Senior R&D engineers would have the opportunity to perform applied research, involve in writing patents to be registered in IPOS, USPTO or WIPO and technical papers to be published at leading conferences and journals under supervision by advisory team.

(i) Fresh Undergraduates or Postgraduates with good GPA score of engineering degree(s) are encouraged to apply

(ii) Good interpersonal skill, strong analytical & problem-solving, creative and able to work independently in a stimulating multidisciplinary environment that emphasizing teamwork.


We are constantly looking for talented and motivated undergraduates as well as postgraduates students for internships. Successful students would expect to gain genuine R&D working exposure in direct dealing with real product design/development as well as first-hand experiencing access to global distribution networks.

(i) ITE, Diploma, Undergraduates or Postgraduates Students with good GPA score of engineering disciplines are encouraged to apply

(ii) Good interpersonal skill, strong analytical & problem-solving, creative and able to work independently as well as teamwork.
Interested candidates could send a CV and cover letter, preferably by e-mail, to:

You should state the position being applied for, current salary, and notice period. Alternatively, you may submit your application by post to our physical address listed below:

Attn.: Human Resources Department
100 Pasir Panjang
#06-02, 100 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118518