Smart Electronic Padlocks

Padlock 33mm

The patented world's-1st eGeeTouch® NFC-driven smart electronic padlock replaces traditional padlocks. The advantages of this award-winning smartlock are (i) it needs no mechanical key. (ii) it enables loss tags or paired smartdevice's IDs to be denied/deleted only by authorized lock's owner using eGeeTouch App without the need to change the entire padlock or cylinder. (iii) it is capable of retaining and tracking unlocking historical records.

Variable Pitch (Dual Pitch) FFC

JSB Tech Pte Ltd and A*STAR (Singapore Government Research Agency) have co-developed to innovate a breakthrough world's first Ventura V-Flex Variable-Pitch (Dual Pitch) Flexible Flat Cable supported by SPRING Singapore. This newly innovated Dual-Pitch FFC (in 2010) has gained certification of patents in many countries in Europe including USA, Japan, China and Germany. The curvature shapes of flat wires emulate conventional printed circuit routing patterns that allow product designers to take advantage of this unique characteristic of V-Flex Dual-pitch FFC.

2-Axis Inclination Sensor Module

Digi-Pas® DWL-5000XY and DWL-5500XY are 2-Axis Precision Inclination Sensor Modules that specifically designed to be integrated into a machine/equipment/structure for real-time simultaneous monitoring of plane levelling position, 2D tilt angles & vibration measurement. These intelligent inclination modules are embedded with Super-MEMS sensors technology survive to withstand upto 1,500g shock test, IP65 certified and precisely calibrated for nonlinearity as well as compensated for operating temperature variation. The 'plug & play' software interface (embedded with National Instrument software) instantly enables application engineers to access sensor modules without the need for tedious and time-consuming programming.

Waterproof Torpedo Digital Level

DWL-280Pro is our 3rd-generation innovative product designed to the stringent specification of industrial standard IP67 waterproof and embedded with advanced LED technology allowing for the brightest display. This levelling tool is built with high impact resistance ABS plastic and rubber material moulded with a solid V-groove aluminium base allowing high performance and reliability in the toughest working environment.