Intellectual Property: Patents & Trademarks


Patents and various other form of intellectual properties are obvious manifestations of our R&D team’s novel ideas and capabilities resulting from relentless and sustained research activities for the past decade. Rapid translations of these novel ideas into innovative new products and manufacturing process technologies, and further commercialization of these ideas into developing game-changing new products focusing on specific global niche market segments, are our company's strategic competencies.

Utility patents protect HOW our innovative product is used and works i.e. unique functional features, while design patents complement on WHAT the appearance of our product looks like (e.g. unique shapes). Hence, simply producing alternative shapes of designs/products or using generic wireless technologies would not necessarily evade legal infringement of these granted patents. This comprehensive IP portfolio serves as a solid foundation for providing distributorships and licensing agreements to our worldwide business partners as well as a credible deterrent to potential incoming copycats.

Digi-Pas and eGeeTouch products are protected by patents in the U.S. and many other jurisdictions in the world. The following list may not be all inclusive, and other products not listed here may be protected by one or more of patents in our IP portfolio including pending patents. This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a). Other documents can be obtained upon request by filling the form on "Contact Us".

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Samples of documents
USPTO Granted "Digi-Pas" Trademarks - USA
USPTO Granted Utility Patent - Electronics Combination Lock, US Pat. No.: 9,121,199 B2
USPTO Granted Utility Patent - Luggage Locking Device and Baggage Handling Method, US Pat. No.: 9,524,600 B2 – USA
USPTO Granted Design Patent – Dual Axis Digital Level, US Pat. No.: D692,328 - USA
USPTO Granted Design Patent – Waterproof Torpedo Digital Level, US Pat No.: D694,659S- USA
USPTO Granted Design Patent – Digital Combination Lock, US Pat. No.: D721,261S - USA
Granted Japanese Utility Patent – Electronics Combination Lock, Pat. No.: 5947791 - Japan
Granted Chinese Utility Patent – Electronics Combination Lock, Pat. No.: 2139982 - China
USPTO Granted "SMART 2D BUBBLE" Trademarks - USA
Granted Trademarks Certificate: eGeeTouch - Singapore
Granted Trademarks Certificate: Digi-Pas - Singapore
Granted Trademarks Certificate: Ventura V-Flex - Singapore
Patent registered in European Union - WIPO No. WO2012/030299 - EUROPE
Certificate of Grant of Patent - WIPO - NO. WO2008/105744 - EUROPE
Patent Registered in Germany DE 11 2010 005 595 T5 - Germany - EU
Patent Registered in United State US 20130055773 A1 – USA
Certificate of Registered Design DWL-3000XY - Singapore
Certificate of Registered Design DWL-130 - Singapore